The Whyyy approach

"The Whyyy approach asks questions like: "What are you doing from start to finish?" and “How does this impact each person?”.  Afterwards, they look at problem points and user flows with their experts, all while including us with an iterative approach."

Daniel Tewfik, Senior Project Manager, Pears Global Real Estate Denmark
Whyyy collaboration

We always...

Question assumptions
Sometimes new clients come to us with a suggestion to a solution, but our approach ensures a thorough understanding of the context and the problems facing our clients and then suggest solutions based on that.
Make a step by step plan
... that we're willing to tear up if we find out if there's more pressing problems along the way.
Include people from all layers in the organizations we collaborate with
To ensure a succesful project all relevant people in the client organization are included. People from management bring relevant insights about strategy while the employees who are to use the solution bring knowledge about work processes. Including employees in the process limits the risk that the digital solution will not be used.

"The way we defined the requirements with Whyyy was really unique and fun. We were looking at an operational need, then chopping that up into what was important when, and then tackle those aspects."

Irha Luijk, General Manager, Marshall Netherlands BV


Expertise in Whyyy
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Whyyy bring extensive business insight into every client interaction. We always strive to understand our clients businesses inside out so we can create the biggest possible impact through our solutions. This goes for both overall strategic priorities as well as daily operational challenges. That way a more holistic image emerges and we know exactly how possible solutions will impact the organisation at large.
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Development of software in Whyyy leverages the benefits of simplicity and customization, by having an ever-growing library of components to re-use throughout projetcs, while freeing up time to develop customized components. This enables fast development of complex systems while keeping security at a high level. Developers in Whyyy also participate actively in workshops and communication with clients, to keep technological consequeses in mind.
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In Whyyy our designers take an active part in the entire process from initial workshops to final deployment. Their ability to understand complex challenges and processes as well as their knowledge of usability enables them to create smart solutions for the clients we work with.
Whyyy collaboration
Workshops combining knowledge from the client with Whyyy's expertise in technology, business and design.

Curious mindset

Driven by curiosity, we aim to understand our client's operations inside out of. This provides us with the knowledge needed to create the right solutions. Innovation requires a systematic process where learnings foster success. To achieve the right learnings you need the right mindset and the right tools to support it.

We identify new business opportunities, test assumptions and master the early innovation stages all the way to the launch of the new product.

Close collaboration

We create close relations to our customers and grow together. Every solution we deliver has been closely co-created with the client. This maximises business impact while reducing change management effort.​

"Focusing on business and user needs first, and then having the internal expertise to deliver a technical solution was the right approach."

Daniel Tewfik, Senior Project Manager, Pears Global Real Estate Denmark
Whyyy collaboration
We make sure the solutions fits into the workflows of of our users.

Validating with mock-ups

To make sure that our resources are not wasted on building the wrong solutions, we validate ideas early and frequently. We collaborate with our clients on mock-ups before moving on to the next step. We call this pretotyping. With pretotypes we make sure to build the right it, before we actually build it.

Ongoing testing

Due to the close relationship we have with our clients, both technical- and user testing is an ongoing process. Usually the users of the solutions we build are employees in the client organisations, which means we get to receive feedback directly from the users throughout the process ensuring that the solution fits into their workflow.

"Things generally move fast in Whyyy."

Lukáš Kučerík, Software Engineer, Whyyy