Technology, security and compliance
Soldiers and airplane
Whyyy's solutions have been tested in industries with the highest security standards.

Compliant with NATO, EASA and defence policies

Everyday, our solutions are being tested in the most challenging environments. We are experienced in building software that complies with NATO security standards, EASA quality regulations and local defence policies. We are specialised in building solutions that not only complies with these extensive requirements but also keeps being dynamic and scalable.

Extensive R&D

We bring superior quality in any solution we make, as our customers expect only the best and the highest quality. Through our existence we have invested heavily in R&D to create standalone sub-components that can be reconfigured and implemented in every solution we build. This enable us to build high security custom software applications at a fraction of the cost of what you would normally expect.

"Linking a customer and supplier ERP is always scary. But doing it through a third party product like the one we created with Whyyy ensures separation of databases, which gives security."

Irha Luijk, General Manager, Marshall Netherlands BV
IT security
Secure architecture is a top priority

Scalable architecture

We build every component as microservices to enable maximum scalability and flexibility. Our customers cherish this as it enables them to be highly responsive and adapt to new business- and operating models when customer needs and market dynamics change. Our clients serve complex customers with very specialised needs. The solutions we build has been designed to accommodate these specific changes in the business environments surrounding our customers.

Stress testing of software

Our solutions have undergone 3rd party stress testing to validate the they perform to the highest security standards. Our solutions are always benchmarked against the newest cyber security standards.

"Internal and external security testing validated that the security in the solution complies with our standards for IT security in the Defence Industry."

Irha Luijk, General Manager, Marshall Netherlands BV
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