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Life at Whyyy

Awesome Power Hardcore

... is really our Monday meeting. Here everyone meets in the office to keep each other posted on big and small. Questions like "What's the most awesome thing that happened in the weekend?" is right up there with "Do you need help on something?" and "What are you working on this week?". Afterwards we listen to a homemade playlist while cleaning the office space to kick off the week together.

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Life at Whyyy

Personal development

In Whyyy we take everyone’s personal development seriously. Whyyy is built on the belief that when people are on meaningful journeys together, the result is happy customers, awesome projects and great new opportunities. We use the enneagramme to create a language about our personal development. As Ida puts it: "In Whyyy there is a natural focus on people's well being."

"The enneagram is taken quite seriously, but in a fun way. It gives us this shared language, so we can talk deeper about the way we react, why we do the things we do and the things that we need to work with in order to collaborate with the other types."

Ida Dilling, UX Designer, Whyyy
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Life at Whyyy

Beer brewing

Employees in Whyyy are fortunate to have a beer-enthusiast in the office, who teach us all how to make good home brewed beer. You will often find beer brewing equipment around the office as someone has started making a new batch. New tastes are tried out and we're not shy from tasting along the way.

"I didn’t know that I would like brewing beer so much. I really like to be a part of that."

Lukáš Kučerík, Software Engineer, Whyyy
Life at Whyyy

Whyyy Not Friday

Someone once had the brilliant idea of having a monthly workday spend doing non-work related stuff together. We call this Whyyy Not Friday. Sometimes we talk about things like collaboration and personal development, but mostly we just go do something fun like helicopter rides, bowling, climbing or bake offs.

Whyyy Whyyy Not Friday

"I really like Whyyy Not Fridays, where you get insight into company things and then in the afternoon we do something fun, like once we got to develop a computer game."

Lukáš Kučerík, Software Engineer, Whyyy
Whyyy Whyyy Not FridayWhyyy Whyyy Not FridayWhyyy Whyyy Not Friday
Whyyy Whyyy Not FridayWhyyy Whyyy Not Friday
Whyyy Whyyy Not FridayWhyyy Whyyy Not FridayWhyyy Whyyy Not Friday


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Whyyy bring extensive business insight into every client interaction. We always strive to understand our clients businesses inside out so we can create the biggest possible impact through our solutions. This goes for both overall strategic priorities as well as daily operational challenges. That way a more holistic image emerges and we know exactly how possible solutions will impact the organisation at large.
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Development of software in Whyyy leverages the benefits of simplicity and customization, by having an ever-growing library of components to re-use throughout projetcs, while freeing up time to develop customized components. This enables fast development of complex systems while keeping security at a high level. Developers in Whyyy also participate actively in workshops and communication with clients, to keep technological consequeses in mind.
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In Whyyy our designers take an active part in the entire process from initial workshops to final deployment. Their ability to understand complex challenges and processes as well as their knowledge of usability enables them to create smart solutions for the clients we work with.


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Whyyy is a small tight-knitted team, but we are always looking for skilled talents with a desire to learn.
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Whyyy is a small tight-knitted team, but we are always looking for skilled talents with a desire to learn.

Still a student?

No worries. You still might be just the person we are looking for, if you are studying innovation, management, design, software development or something in the digital space.

"I think new employees should enjoy experimenting, value the social aspect and they kind of need to like beer. And bad jokes."

Ida Dilling, UX Designer, Whyyy