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Whyyy is a small tight-knitted team, but we are always looking for skilled talents with a desire to learn.

Maybe there isn't a relevant open position at The Hub right now, but that doesn't mean we wouldn't like to hear from potential employees. Have a look around the website and get a feeling of what we do here - maybe that will include you at some point.

"I think new employees should enjoy experimenting, value the social aspect and they kind of need to like beer. And bad jokes."

Ida Dilling, UX Designer, Whyyy
Whyyy collaboration


Keep learning
You must always challenge and request to be challenged to keep learning. Expanding your knowledge sphere keeps you humble and curious.
Be honest
Don't worry about being perfect, just be honest. Being honest and receiving honest feedback is your shortcut to grow as a person and as an organization.
Take responsibility
The moment you take responsibility is the moment you can change anything. Moving forward is always up to you.
Be present
You can only be one place at any given time, so be there and nowhere else. Make the present and your presence count.
Enjoy the journey
You do not learn anything from standing at the top of the tallest mountain, but you learn a heck of a lot getting there.


Office near public transport
View of the sea and the opera
Flexible workhours
Flexible holidays
Working from home option
Whyyy Not Friday 1 full day every month
Personal & professional development
"Office-brewed" beer
Super cool people
Dad jokes

Still interested?

If what you've read so far haven't scared you off and you think you will be a good fit in Whyyy, we would love to hear from you.

So what do you need to send us?

In Whyyy we don't believe in long applications and thorough CV's. Instead we would much rather have you send a link to your LinkedIn profile along with a link to your portfolio if you're a designer or a link to your github profile if you're a developer.

Contact info

Send an e-mail with the above-mentioned info to Rasmus Bertram at rb@whyyy.dk.

What will happen next?

If we see a fit between some of the things you have done and Whyyy we will call you up for an informal initial talk. If we think the chemistry is there we will invite you in for a talk. Maybe we will ask you to prepare a small task of some sort, but we strive to keep the format casual.

Unfortunately we might not be able to answer all the applications we receive, but we will strive to do so and be rest assured that we will give your application a look over and keep you in mind if something relevant should come up in Whyyy.

Contact info

Send an e-mail to Rasmus with the above-mentioned info.
Rasmus Bertram
Co-founder & CEO
+45 22 88 56 67