"Whyyy's broad industry domain knowledge enables them to understand what people are trying to accomplish and then they are able to imagine how to solve it.”

Irha Luijk, General Manager, Marshall Netherlands BV

Key industry challenges

Technological advances creates competition
In order to keep up with competition, defence companies need to implement new technologies into their products and services. Often this need for digitalisation reshapes the entire organisation, the strategy and R&D activities.
Lack of digital capabilities
63% of the respondents to Aviation Week Network’s “2019 Workforce Study" said that a key obstacle to digital innovation was a skilled team.
Changing workforce
Many employees in the defence industry are approaching retirement, which means a need for attracting a new workforce with arguably different preferences and expectations.
Strict rules and regulations
Being a very regulated industry, defence companies have very specific needs for IT solutions, which do not compare to other industries. This makes the adaptation of standard solutions complicated or impossible.

Industry cases

Relevant insights