Field service platform

Digital platform facilitating field service requests, management of field service engineers and KPI reporting.




Field service platform

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This engineering consultancy company is servicing the Dutch defence in the maintenance of deployable containers. They needed to improve the efficiency in handling the service requests while creating a basis for performance management. Service requests from the defence came in manually by phone and email in no standardized format. KPI reporting where cumbersome and time consuming due to that fact that performance data had to be manually registered in an excel sheet. Defence security requirements prevented standard solutions from being applicable.


A digital platform has been developed to support and facilitate the incoming service requests from the Dutch defence. The platform complies to NATO security regulations and secures that confidential data is stored and that data exchange is properly encrypted according to the highest security standards. All the captured data enables the client to automate proposal creation, KPI reporting and contract compliance monitoring.

Key features and benefits:

  • Automated buyer/supplier communication
  • Proposal automation
  • Data transparency
  • Process efficiency

"The brilliant thing about the database is that we can start doing predictions on the data collected."

General Manager, defence and aerospace company


The field service platform provides the client with the needed transparency and create a foundation for performance measurement to monitor contract compliance.


The platform has been developed in smaller development cycles to secure ongoing value creation, continuous feedback loops and co-creation. Client users as well as defence users have ongoingly participated in workshops focused on design, process mapping and IT security. The Dutch local service design agency Koos Service Design participated in the execution of field service studies and user research to secure that all future users and stakeholder were invited to provide input.

  • Understanding of context and stakeholders
  • Mapping of end-to-end business processes
  • Defining MVP
  • Development of field service platform
  • User testing with the Dutch defence


(Illustrations by Koos Service Design.)

"The performance of Whyyy has exceeded my expectations. From a spirit of collaboration they have taken away things I have to worry about, so Iā€™m very happy with that.ā€

General Manager, defence and aerospace company

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