Property data platform

Digital platform providing real estate professionals with the information needed to make faster & better investment decisions.




Property data platform

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Real estate professionals base many of their decisions on data. However real estate data is often inaccessible, missing, inaccurate or simply malformed and insufficient. This implies that professionals invest a lot of time and money to gather data, ensure its correctness and analysing it, before making important investment decisions. The due diligence processes has been a time demanding process with most of it being a manual and repetitive collection, structuring and analysis of data accessed through public records. In large transactions, it can amount to months of man-hours in the due diligence process.

  • Low productivity
  • Limited scalability


A digital platform that automates the most time-consuming and error prone tasks in the due diligence process property transactions.


  • Automatic gathering of all the publicly available data
  • Structuring, comparing and verifying the diverse data sources
  • A simple and flexible data overview

“No matter what our clients' needs are, Estaid enables us to proactively find the right properties."

Kristian Ørtoft Geisler, CEO & Partner, NORVIK


Estaid started out as a collaboration between Whyyy and the law firm Plesner. Through co-creation workshops, where lawyers and Plesner's own clients participated, a common vision for the platform was created. The platform needed to frame a digital experience for Plesner’s clients, making the clients input a key ingredient in the conceptualization. The development of the solution was iterative and in close dialogue between the project team and the future users, securing that users were always validating that the solution would realise the expected value in their daily work.

“Getting detailed real estate data and documents with one click creates value for both us and the client."

Emilie Møller, Partner & Lawyer, DLA Piper Denmark

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