Property asset management

Digital asset management solution for property portfolios.




Property asset management

months ahead of project timeline


more functionality than originally intended


of work hours saved


Pears Global’s property portfolios are managed by different administrators using individual ERP systems, resulting in scattered data, low transparency, and difficulty having an overview of the entire portfolio. No common asset database existed, which led to manual and time consuming accounting and finance reporting.


Introduction of a digital asset management solution for Pears Global's portfolios, which gathers information from different property management systems as well as enabling Pears Global to store key metrics and evaluate new investments. Pears can act proactively on critical events that require immediate attention now that a notification engine has been created as part of the solution.


The solution ensures transparency, greater productivity, automation of manual work, less dependency on external administrators, analysis of investment opportunities and reduce the risk of bad investments.

  • Less dependent on external administrators
  • Increased transparency
  • Improved ROI
  • Easier internal communication
  • Reduction of manual processes

"Now that things are more automated, we can reduce the stress of having to remember when a property needs a new broker."

Daniel Tewfik, Senior Project Manager, Pears Global Real Estate Denmark


The project began when Pears Global needed a rework of a failed digital solution, which a previous supplier had made for them. To understand the problems they had and why the former solution didn’t work, we had a workshop with  Pears Global members from all parts of the organization, and specifically the employees who would use it most. After the workshop, software engineers started working data integration, while the design process continued with rapid wireframing, feedback sessions and iterative changes until a fully formed solution was conceptualized and agreed upon. Throughout the solution implementation, we had ongoing feedback and validation meetings through user testing using Hotjar.

As a project carried out during the corona pandemic, almost everything took place online, but that didn’t get in the way of a close collaboration between Whyyy and Pears Global.

"From a business perspective, I think it will allow us to make smarter decisions on future investments."

Daniel Tewfik, Senior Project Manager, Pears Global Real Estate Denmark

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