Maintenance management system

Digital maintenance management solution integrated with SAP.




Maintenance management system

volume capacity


less invoice specification inquiries


faster quote creation


Being in a highly regulated and complex industry, our client must follow extensive procedures and manuals, which makes both inspection and repair of incoming components time consuming, makes resource allocation difficult and predictions impossible. The manual quote creation process resulted in bottlenecks in 30% of the incoming cases. Furthermore SAP did not accommodate the granularity needed to fully support and to end maintenance process, resulting in various excel sheets, documents and physical paper.

  • Manual processes, resource allocation and planning
  • Lengthy quote creation, documentation towards customers and many invoice specification inquires


Digital maintenance management solution integrated with SAP. Maintenance orders from SAP, is automatically imported into the solution. The inspection of the maintenance order is then facilitated in the solution, followed by detailed task break down. Inspection reports and spare part requirements. The solution is capturing all the data created in the inspection, quote and repair stages. When the order has been finalized and final inspection is conducted, the captured data from the solution is put back into SAP for final invoicing to the customer.‍

Every critical function is collaborating through the solution, securing transparency and resulting in data driven operations. Everyone is aligned towards a common goal, while giving management a real time insight into the value chain.

"In just two years, our digital capabilities have moved from being behind our competitors to being on the same level. Two years from now, we will be ahead..."

Managing Director, Global Component MRO-Business


The solution has resulted in greater transparency in the statement of work, towards the customer. This has resulted in an increase, from 10% to 90%, in customers approving statement of work immediately. The solution also creates more transparency internally, which in turn result in more efficient resource allocation and planning. Documentation of work carried out has gone from ~2 days to 5 minutes on average for every finalized maintenance order. Presenting new potential customers with the new enhanced digital customer experience, has resulted in new customers. Finally the solution enables management to make intelligent price models based on the data generated as well as predictions on process time and resource allocation.

  • Increased transparency
  • +50% administrative volume capacity
  • from 90% to 10% of customers questioning work scope
  • Less time spend on administration


  • Field research
  • User journey mapping
  • Co-creation
  • Ongoing user testing
  • Iterative development cycles

References may be given upon request.

"The organisation has welcomed the solution and our employees see a positive change in their work processes."

Managing Director, Global Component MRO-Business

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